Easy & Refreshing Blueberry Basil Ice cream| Pitta-pacifying

Ready to cool down and get refreshed? This is a great recipe pitta-pacifying recipe. Easy, healthy and super fast blueberry basil ice cream! It also happens to be packed with nutrients and healthy fats. You will only need to use 4 ingredients, a blender and a fewseconds of your time. Yes, I said seconds! Because let's face it, in this heat who feels like doing anything other than nothing at all. Or at least, as little as possible, preferably accompanied by an umbrella drink or two. Summertime is also known as Pitta season. Pitta is built from the elements of fire and water. Pitta brings the heat, the fire in and around us. Blueberries are a great option to cool down your Pitta fire during hot summer days like these! They are great for nourishingand protecting our brain and liver health as well. They are even known to reduce the level of inflammation in our blood.

It's so tempting to stock up on heavy gelatos and other sugar stuffed snacks. But why not make your own ice cream at home? Especially if it is this easy! It is refreshing, super creamy and fluffy. Plus, it won't leave you feeling heavy and bloated. But rather light, satisfied and nourished!

Ingredients: - A handful of fresh basil leaves (or mint leaves)*

- One avocado - 200 grams /(a little more than) one cup of frozen blueberries

- Add some agave nectar according to taste.

*If you know you have a Pitta imbalance go for mint leaves, which are even more cooling. 


2 servings


1 minute


Al you need to do is fill up your blender with the ingredients, blend away and munch away!


Love, Nerini

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