How to create a Sankalpa (intention): On and off your yoga mat

If you have been going to yoga classes for a while, you may have heard the word "Sankalpa" mentioned before. A Sankalpa is an intention, formed from the heart that reflects our heart's desire. It is a commitment to our highest truth. By formulating and stating our Sankalpa we connect to our most heartfelt desire, our highest truth, and commit to living up to it.

Why is it important to create a Sankalpa?

Once you have formed your intention you have a better understanding of where you want to go and what it is you truly want. That way it is much easier for you to tune in your thoughts, words, and actions to your desired intention. 

In today's society where we are constantly triggered by other peoples opinions and expectations of us and how we are supposed to live our lives. It is SO important to keep connecting with ourselves to stay true to ourselves.

Your Sankalpa is the seed you plant to become aware and able to create your own destiny.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,  Your thoughts become your words,  Your words become your actions,  Your actions become your habits,  Your habits become your values,  Your values become your destiny."

                 - Mahatma Gandhi

How to create a Sankalpa:

1. Take a comfortableseated position. Close your eyes. Only focuson your breath for a while. Once your mind becomes still. Ask yourself. What does my heart desire, right now, at this moment? Let the answer come to you and be patientwith yourself. 

On the mat.

It could be as simple as:

"Today I will not avoid arm balances" 

"I will concentrate on my breath"

"I will find ease in difficult poses"


"I will listen to my body"

Off the mat.

Or even in day to day life. I have made it a practice to set an intention every morning for the day ahead. Which can be as simple as:

"I am grateful"

"I live in the moment" 

"I forgive"

"I inspire"


"I let go of that which is no longer serving me"

"I choose my words with love"

You can set a Sankalpa to guide and support you during difficult situations as well. Whether it be personal or work related. So set a Sankalpa, right before that next big interview, an important meeting or a difficult conversation with a loved one. Just take a moment to get still and ask yourself from your heart, what the most desired outcome would be and what intention could support that.

2. Now that you have your intention clear, try to dig a little deeperand try to formulate your Sankalpa as a statement that is no longer just a desire or intention, but is, in fact, yourcurrent true nature.

For example:

"I will concentrate on my breath" becomes "I am connected to my breath" or "My breath moves me".

"I will listen to my body" becomes "My body guides me".

"I choose my words with love" becomes "My words flow from love" or "I speak from my heart".

"Today I will not avoid (insert any yoga pose you are a little scared of)" becomes “I am courageous”.

"I forgive" becomes "I recognize the good in people" or "Forgiveness is my true nature".

3. Repeat your Sankalpa 3 times to yourself. While you are repeating your Sankalpa to yourself, connect to the feeling that your Sankalpa has already come true and is, in fact, your true nature. Planting the seed for your most heartfelt desire to manifest itself.

Eventually, as you keep practicing to get still and tune in to your heart, asking yourself what is it you truly desire. Step by step. Little by little. In time, your "Dharma" will reveal itself to you. Your Dharma is another word for your life's purpose.  Your most heartfelt and deepest desire. Living your own legend, if you will.

If you ask me, that is where all the magic lies!

Love, Nerini

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