Reflections on 2019 from my heart to yours. 

If there is anything the past year has taught me. It's that things aren't always what they seem to be.

Sometimes when life doesn't go the way you thought it would, or wanted it to play out. It could actually just be the Universe taking care of you.

Any type of adversity that is coming up for you in your life right now isn't here to make things harder on you. It's meant for you to evolve into the very best of you. To person you were always meant be. To step things up for yourself. To work on your calm and your peace even in the face of turbulence. To grow your faith stronger, even when things don't make sense to you. To leave yourself in complete awe, of the things you are capable of and the person you are growing in to be.

By changing your own narrative you can change the whole story all together. What can I learn? How can I grow from this? What can I take from this experience, to inspire and move others?

I continue to be humbled by the path that I am on. The path of getting closer to my true Self. That place within my heart that speaks undeniable truth and connection. To navigate myself through life, in commitment with and from that exact place. And teach others how to do the same. If you have experienced that part of your heart before, you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, I am more than happy to guide you the way, using the path of restorative yoga and meditation.

In the fast paced world of today it's easy to get caught up in the hustle. In the constantly distracting yourself. Running away from you emotions. Distancing, consciously or subconsciously, yourself from the signals your body is sending you.

Self care, true self care isn't always pretty. And definitely not always easy. It's about taking the time to get silent and check in with yourself. With your body. Your thoughts. Your emotions. Even when what comes up for you isn't what you want, or expect. It's about doing the work anyway. Holding space for all parts of you as a whole.

To those of you who are doing the true work within themselves. Or even, are willing to. Whether it is through following my classes or you being on your own path. I salute you. You have set in motion, the true force of nature, I know truly you are.

You are the reason I keep showing up.

When we keep doing the work. Keep showing up for ourselves. Evolving ourselves into the best possible version of ourselves we can be, right here and now. We inspire those around us to do the same.

I keep being completely amazed by the progress I see within each and every one of you and the stories you share with me in and out of class.

From my heart to yours. Thank you. Thank you for showing up for yourself. You inspire me! ❤️



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