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Healthy and easy vegan sushi: Spicy green veggie roll. I never realized how easy making your own sushi is, until I started doing so. Now it is one of my main go-to easy and healthy meals. Once you've got your sushi basics down the combination possibilities are endless. This time I opted for a healthier sushi version by replacing the traditional white sushi rice with brown rice and the sugar with agave extract.

Basically, I threw together some yummy ingredients that sounded good together using whatever I could find in my fridge at the moment. Which I do all the time. This time, however, it turned out exceptionally good. So I thought I'd share this recipe with you.


1 2/3 cups water

1 cup short grain brown rice

3 tbsp rice wine vinegar

2 tbsp Agave sirup

1 cup chopped spring onion

1 cup thinly sliced cucumber 

1 cup of (radish) sprouts

5 nori sheets

1 Avocado

Sesame seeds

Dried red chili flakes


Wasabi paste

Soy Sauce

Pickled ginger

Time: 40 minutes


1. Let’s start with making our brown sushi rice. First of rinsing your short grain brown rice thoroughly.  Bring your water to a boil in a medium-size saucepan. Once it has come to a boil add your brown rice. Lower the heat and let it cook through for about 20 minutes. 

2. Drain off any excess water and stir in the agave syrup and rice wine vinegar. Set the saucepan aside and let it cool of. 

3. Meanwhile, you can prep the ingredients for the spicy veggie roll. Slice your cucumber into thin slices. Slice your avocado into thick slices. Chop your spring onions. 

4. Almost done! Get out your sushi mat and lay out a nori sheet on it. Press down some of the rice, covering the nori sheet almost completely with an even thin layer. Leave out a small stroke, horizontally without the rice. 

5. Lay out a small stroke of radish sprouts, an avocado, and cucumber slice or two. Sprinkle some spring onion, chili flakes and sesame on top.

6. Rol up your roll tightly, using your sushi mat. Cut into small, bit size pieces.

7. Serve with wasabi paste, soy sauce, and pickled ginger.




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